If you have any specific questions about a particular piece, feel free to reach out via email, text, or direct message me on Instagram @western.gifts


I help people find precious and unique items, but also everyday garments for fashion design, film & television, and most importantly for themselves.  I focus on items from the late 19th century to the 1980s, with French work clothes, and design-oriented military garments as my specialty. 

I'm interested in graceful simplicity and utility... quality of material, and considered design. The purpose of a garment and its real life use, make French workwear and military uniforms particularly fascinating... they often show their own singular history.  Articles that are utilitarian or ceremonial in nature are deeply tied to ritual, daily or otherwise.


Western Gifts is based Marblehead, Massachusetts, and is owned, operated and sourced by me, Garret Miller.

All of my French garments are sourced directly from France.  I ship, wash and repair almost everything, so it gets to you in a clean and wearable condition.  On rare occasions, garments are fragile, and very difficult to clean, so they are left in this original state, so as to maintain its integrity as a historical object, and to keep the price reasonable for the customer.  


I am always buying all sorts of vintage clothing and unique military uniforms, small and large collections, in the US, Canada, and Western Europe.  Please contact me for more information.